The Town of Manlius Recreation Department will hold auditions for​Bye, Bye, Birdie on
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at Eagle Hill Middle School beginning at 5pm and Sunday, May 21, 2017 at Guzmán's Dance Studio beginning at 12:30pm.

Producers and directors will be looking for a variety of actors to play the multiple roles in this musical.  Please take a look at the character descriptions below for some background information, age range, and vocal ranges.

Please prepare 16-bars of a musical theatre song for your audition.  An accompanist will be provided, please bring sheet music.  Pleae come prepared to dance.  After your singing audition you may be asked to learn a dance routine.    

NOTE: Age ranges listed in character descriptions below are based on the age of the character.  Casting may not align with character ages.  In some cases, casting may require actors to be a minimun of 18-years-old.  Minimum age to audition is 8 years old.

**Albert Peterson – young man in early thirties, President of Almaelou Music Corp. (role already cast)

Rose Alvarez – Albert’s secretary, principal dancer and singer

**Conrad Birdie – rock star ​(role already cast)

Mr. MacAfee (Harry) – father of Kim and Randolph

Mrs. MacAfee (Doris) – mother of Kim and Randolph

*Kim MacAfee – 15 years old, very pretty and quite self-possessed ( actress must be at least 18-years-old)

Randolph MacAfee – Kim’s younger brother

Mrs. Mae Peterson – Albert’s mother, the quintessential “Mamma”

*Hugo Peabody – Kim’s “steady” ( actor must be at least 18-years-old)

Ursula Merkle – a hyper-enthusiastic dark-haired teen friend and neighbor of 

* - Actor/Actress must be at least 18-years-old 
** - This role has already been cast.

Deborah Sue – Sweet Apple teenager (teen chorus)

Margie – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 5; Act I, Scene 7)

Alice – Sweet Apple teenager and Mayor’s daughter (teen chorus)

Harvey Johnson – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 2)

Helen – teenage singer (non-speaking)

Nancy – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 5)

Penelope – (voice; Act I, Scene 5; Act II, Scene 7)

Suzie (non-speaking)

Karl (non-speaking)

Freddie (non-speaking)

*Gloria Rasputin – A big broad, tap-dancing “secretary” – Mae’s choice to replace Rosie (actress must be at least 18-years-old)

Mayor – of Sweet Apple, Ohio

Mayor’s Wife – Edna (member of Quartette, Act I, Scene 9)

Mrs. Merkle – Ursula’s mother

Mr. Johnson – Harvey Johnson’s father

First Reporter

Second Reporter 

Traveler – part of crowd in New York train station (speaks Act I, Scene 4 only)

Trainman – (voice; Act I, Scene 4)

Maude – proprietor/bartender of ‘Maude’s Roadside Retreat” (member of Male Quartet)

Dishwasher (member of Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4)

First Customer (member of Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4)

Second Customer (member of Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4)

2 Sad Girls (dancers)

Travelers (adult chorus)

Train Station Personnel (baggage handlers, etcetera)

Sweet Apple Parents (adult chorus)

TV Show Stage Crew:
Stage Manager
4 Stagehands
2 Audio Men
2 Wardrobe Women




FROM THE CHORUS (non-speaking)